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06 January 2007

Poor TSgt Hunter who had bathroom cleanup yesterday. She came breathless into the shop to announce to everyone that “it” was thoroughly disgusting. I thought we were going to have to break out the smelling salts! The experience completely straightened out the braids she had in her hair and today her hair was completely straight.

“Attention everyone on the floor! We have a “ male nester” here! If you are the culprit, you need to take your nesting habits out to the porta john. That is all!”

And we ain’t talking about Less Nester from WKRP, either.

Today we thought that the above-said “nester” was captured. A slide slipped into the shift change slideshow today had a picture of Big Bird coming out of the men’s bathroom trailer. Alas, this diabolical and evil nester is still on the loose. This nester pads his nest with a half a roll of toilet paper hanging off all ends of the round opening to keep his dainty hiney from touching the seat, clogging up the toilets in the trailers (which have weak plumbing systems as is) and not allowing it to flush because the toilet can’t take the load of paper he has used to nest.

So there; the term should be fairly well explained to you now. I had seen the practice before, but hadn’t realized that it had a name. I got the evil eye from several, but had to reassure them that it wasn’t me. I’m just not the nesting kind. I’ve been here too long to even think about being so sterile and dainty about taking a dump! And I have plenty of “blue water” stories to back me up on that one. So there!

I guess if you put it into perspective, it would be better to have a nester on the loose than to have the hoverer on the loose. We have plenty of them around here too. A hoverer lifts both seats up and stands on the porta pottie and squats over the hole. Not unusual in the Middle East since most of the restrooms I’ve been in over here in Kuwait, Iraq and Qatar will have at least one stall with no porcelain toilet and just a hole in the floor with two raised things to stand on for each foot.

The nasty thing about hoverers is that they don’t always have the control or aim that they think they do. Then it requires a very skilled sanitation expert (porta potty cleaner) with a skilled high pressure sprayer to remove the work of that culprit!

I’ll keep you up to date as news of our loose nester breaks…but we could end up laying an egg on this story. Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one.

Really interesting blog. I'm headed over your way later this year. Would you mind if I linked to your blog? (I always ask)

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