Sunday, January 07, 2007

*Not* A Happy Camper

04 January 2007

On our tent door and on each bunk was a Dear Occupant letter today basically saying GET OUT!!!

Major Malfunction
OIC of KBR Housing

Betcha thought you could never get booted out of a tent! I was never much for camping to start with, but tent #2, at least for the time I’ve been here, was made into something of a “tent sweet tent.” My home away from home. The saying around here is always, “What are they going to do, send me to Iraq and make me live in a tent?” Well, I guess we only got it partially correct. Send me to Iraq, take my good tent away and find out how to screw with you by making your accommodations even less comfortable…as if that was going to be possible.

ITT Management (in all their officialness) responds to our request for their assistance in making this situation less uncomfortable by sending out an email essentially stating “you signed the contract for three “hots” and a cot, stop bitching!” Gotta love responsive, sensitive, people-focused management. This is why they went to the freekin flippin Flip Flippin Management training! (No, really. The guy’s name really *IS* Flip Flippin! Google it, I wouldn’t kid you)

Eventually, management managed to arrange with KBR to have two dedicated tents to ITT employees. Now how could we think that the sun would never shine again! Getting moved from 8 men tents with wall lockers, beds with mattresses and some privacy to a big open 30 man tent with rows of cots and ill-fitting foam mattresses sitting on top, no wall lockers and two feet between each cot. Boy, I am feeling warm and tingly already. I’m sure they will sleep good in their heated trailers with big mattresses and AFN on cable TV tonight.

I guess it isn’t that different from what goes on at your job back in the States, is it? The only difference is that you don’t have rows of porta-potties in your front yard. Nothing as decorative as your pink flamingos and gnomes.
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