Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cliff's Notes

16 May 2007

Well, I’m back. Sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve updated things. The main reason for my not writing is adusing to now being on mids, jet lag and being in a personal funk lately. After I arrived back, I found out that someone that I considered a friend when I left back in January has treated my friendship like spam. I don’t like feeling played-off and back-stabbed, amazingly by the same hypocrite that said to watch out for “users”!!

Well, guess I won’t have to worry since my “friend” (and I’m using the term loosely) has moved on. One of the other sure things of working in a contractor/military environment: If you’ve got a gripe with someone, don’t hang onto it too long. Either you or they will move on at some point in the near future.

Aside from that, I’ve pretty much jumped right back into things from the day I arrived. So here are the Cliff’s Notes (not available yet on their website) of what’s been going on for me:

1) My new digs. I’m into a trailer. I didn’t fall off the list since I was out on medical leave. Great thing about it is that my roomie is one of my coworkers. Better someone you know than a stranger. I’ve been that route before and it was unnerving and explosive at best!

2) My new routine. Being down with my bad back, I’ve put on about 15 lbs over the last year. Now that I got my "new and improved back" (Disk 2.0, I think), my new resolution is to get fit again. I miss my 4 and 6 milers! Now I’m watching what I eat and back to running. After so long having not run, you can’t believe how much the old corpse aches from just a mile! But I’m loving every minute of it….Hey, wasn’t that a lyric from a bad 80’s hair-band song by Loverboy?!!!

3) Unfortunately, one of the outcomes of my new regiment are the new blisters on the little toes! Right now, I’d venture to say that my left little toe swelled slightly resembling little bangers! If you don’t know what bangers are, they are little plumpish English breakfast sausages. The right one has gotten better, but the left one is still a bit tender after the swelling went down!

4) The Green Bean Coffee Shop is still alive and operating on Victory. In fact, my first night back, I walked up to get a cup of coffee and don’t you know, there are people dancing naked around the picnic tables! In all their jubilation and dancing, it was explained to me that they were celebrating the arrival of chocolate and white chocolate powder that has been out of stock for six or so weeks and they could now have their Chocolate Lattes and Chocolate Frappes.

Okay, maybe they weren’t dancing naked but there was definitely some raucous celebration happening in observance of this commodity becoming available again! Mark my word: Coffee is serious business here since there is no drinking allowed!
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