Friday, June 29, 2007

Dusting Off the Blog

28 June 2007

I received an email from Cheryl this week questioning whether I was alright. She said it was time to brush the dust off the old blog and make an update! Now how the heck she ever could have known that we have been have all these dust storms covering everything with dust is beyond me. Premonition, maybe.

Sorry for the long break. I’ve been keeping myself busy with work, reading, studying and running. My running and diet are coming along fine…in fact, I’ve dropped an inch and about ten pounds. Must be the heat and sweating! Been reading a whole lot too. Additionally, in the last month, I finally broke out the books and started studying the CCNA books. I’d like to prepare for an October testing, but I have to say that this stuff can be daunting! Like drinking from a fire hose. But if you take one day at a time and concentrate on one chapter at a time, it is do-able. Jack the guy who sits behind me in the one office I work at, reminds me…”How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

I hesitate at times to mention how things are outside our wall of protection here. With all the raids taking place in Baghdad, it seems like the insurgents are like kids who are about to get caught with fireworks…better to use them up than have them taken away! Lots of fire fights and booms at all hours. They make for very rude and noisy neighbors at times.

Since I haven’t been writing too much, I’ve failed to mention that since I’ve been back, I’ve been enjoying coffee about once a week with an old friend from Kalkar. As usual with so many of my old friends, it is like picking up where you left off even after 20 years. Our lives have taken a few unplanned exits along the way, but Ron Southern and I have been catching up. Or maybe I’ve been catching up with him since he has been keeping up with my blog since I started writing it. It’s an odd feeling when you realize that someone knows you better than you know them. Like when he is actually following my train of thought on something we’re discussing and he quotes something back to me from my writing. Gives you that exposed, open and airy feeling the emperor must have felt after realizing that he actually WAS naked!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news lately, the six time Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Champion might possibly be sidelined from the July 4th contest due to an arthritic jaw! (Okay! Let’s not even go there…even though the possibilities for jokes are endless!) Maybe they could puree his hot dogs and see if he could suck 58-3/4 hot dogs through a straw. Sounds like preparations for the Senior Olympics. I’m gonna leave this whole thing alone since it is only going downhill fast.
What up hun???
Missing reading about everything ok??
Dave, hadn't gone to the blog to print to bring home for me and Dave to read and was surprised to find it not updated. Are you OK? I am sure everyone would like to hear from you. -Inga
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