Tuesday, December 04, 2007

“Are You Not Aware…

05 December 2007

...That I Get Farty And Bloated With A Foamy Latte?” Not really, but these random subject lines that you can pull up on yahoo! for your messages are a real hoot. My niece told me about them and I had never known that. Just click on the yahoo subject box and it will fill in a cutsey non-sensical phrase. Yes, very desperate for entertainment.

Although the Redskins Cheerleaders were here last week for a show, we thought the dancing and kicking were part of their act on stage…but it was just the bullets skipping across the stage that night of the gunfight last week! Okay, so I embellish a bit. The firefight was before the show, but they really did get a good scare from the shells skipping across the parking lot in front of their tent before the show.

And guess who else is here? Yep, Jeraldo!!! He must of heard there was a gunfight in town and secrets to be blown on TV...I don't think Saddam left any other treasure in any locked safes here. Actually, saw him on TV interviewing General Petreaus. Gen P, I might add, was pictured this last month in Maxim. A rising star and a really interesting guy. One of the Navy LT’s I work with is telling us to mark his word that THIS guy is someone to watch in the future. I tend to agree. We’ll see him on the Joint Chiefs of Staff sometime in the future if we’re lucky. Very smart guy. Might I even suggest looking him up at http://usacac.army.mil/CAC/commander.asp

This week we had rain for the first time since...hmmmm I don't actually remember the last time we had rain! Lots of lightening and thunder and a few downpours with small hail. I was looking for Moses out there and fire to start coming from the hail!

But I have to say that I'm not as "verklempt" as I was the last couple of years. KBR in all their wonderment decided to put down some rock trails in our trailer area. Woooo-hooo! So now the mud is pretty much down to a minimum as long as I stay on the rock trail and not go wandering off into the mud. Must be a base for the Yellow Brick Road they'll put in next year.

Meanwhile, back in the rock quarry, I was finally feeling like I was settling back into work and the job after my vacation when I got pulled for another job. I'm still doing my same job, but with a few twists added. (No, I’m not a bartender now.) Just trying to remember..."change is good". Although it is hard to forget that office politics are inevitable!

Did you ever read, "Who Moved My Cheese"? You really should. It is an interesting management book It was first recommended to me when I was at Lucent and then again in my MBA class. Very interesting reading/concepts and will only take about an hour to read. Know when your cheese is getting stale, people!

Speaking of stale…I went to use the bathroom today and some unfortunate soul apparently had an ass explosion. For some reason, he left his boxers in the stall. To say the least I didn’t use that one! It’s a good thing that KBR is now using potable water in the bathrooms and showers starting this week. Imagine the gastro-intestinal issues we might suffer from using the non-potable water we’ve been brushing our teeth, washing our faces and showering with for the past three years! I think his system just hasn’t adjusted to the potable water yet, or maybe *he* had that foamy latte from the Green Bean Coffee Shop.
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