Friday, December 14, 2007

What Would Chuck Norris Do?

14 December 2007

The days just keep plodding along here. Caught my yearly Christmas cold complete with blowing green stuff out of my nose! (Sorry for the graphic description) Like everything else around will pass. Some group from the States had sent small one foot tall Christmas trees to the units here and the Chaplain was passing them off to anyone willing to adopt one. So I am now the proud owner of a live, one-foot Christmas tree complete with battery powered lights. I think I'll call it Fred. Has a ring to it, Fred the Christmas Tree. Ain't much, but it's the most Christmas cheer I've managed to muster to date. Okay, so I have watched Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolf and Scrooge already.

It's getting more and more difficult to post onto my blog anymore. With our very limited and ever-increasingly restricted monitored and "blue coated" internet access, soon the only thing we will be able to bring up on the web will be the Communist News Network (CNN) and web searches that will be restricted exclusively to Extremist Evangelical Christian services. Even a military awards site is blocked! Google will probably be banned as a subversive liberal right-wing site allowing access to information too subversive which is set to poison minds too. I believe that we are fast approaching "1984" or "Fahrenheit 451" aren't we?

Although, I must admit that I'm quite enjoying the slow and brutal implosion of the Republican's latest, darling for President (at least in Iowa and NH.) I'm normally not vehemenly against someone running on either side, but in this case he is so far over the edge, I'm stunned. I'm sure that if Huckabee were to have his way, the United States would soon to be renamed the United Evangelical Socialist States and Controlled Territories of America!

I think he may have put the last of the nails in the coffin though with his latest..."Huckabee Agrees That Wives Should 'Submit Graciously' to Their Husbands." This was published today in Newsweek on's site by author Andrew Romano. The comments someone left at the bottom are equally tickling..."Huckabee makes Bush appear sane."

I don't care if he *was* interviewed recently sitting next to Chuck Norris on O'Reily's show, it is hard to sell that kind of propaganda to an educated audience. But, I'm pretty sure the entertainment value of this one is good for another week or two. Maybe it was only a cardboard cutout of Chuck. Hmmmm...What *would* Chuck Norris do?
Love you and Merry Christmas Darlin!!
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