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21 December 2007

I got switched from midnights to days last week. It is almost as bad as jetlag when all you get is 18 hours to change your body chemistry from being a night worker to being a day worker. So far in my short stint back on days, I’m inclined to declare that daylight is highly overrated. I’m ready anytime they want me to go back and pull the old fangs and cape out of retirement and go back to mids. There are just too many self-important boobs running around during the day with “their hair on fire and asses a catchin!” Besides, trying to find a seat in the DFac (chow hall, dining facility, etc) is nearly impossible. Although I have found that days are your best chance at getting a piece of that carrot cake that I love.

The other night, I was walking out of building 9 and Lance looks at me and mentions that it looks like rain. To me, even though it was dark out, it looked more like dust. Sure enough, I’d only gotten about a block up the road and the wind started whipping up and blowing dirt all over the place. Visibility was probably about 300 feet and the winds were blowing dirt and crap all over the place. I got back to my trailer and had to clean out my ears.

I’ve never hoarded as much dirt in my ear canals in my life as I have here in Iraq! How the heck are you supposed to clean the dirt out of your ears if your Mom always told you not to put anything bigger than your elbow in your ears?! Should I just ignore it and walk around with crap in my ears? Although I can remember when I was growing up, my parents would ask me specifically if I had crap in my ears. I guess now I’d be able to answer honestly and say, “Well, yes. As a matter of fact I DO have crap in my ears!”

Robin Williams was supposed to appear on stage at Camp Slayer across the highway from us that night too. But the windstorm kind of delayed that show. I haven’t heard whether or when it is rescheduled for. I generally don’t pay much attention to the shows although we really do get quite an assortment of singers, cheerleaders and notable people entertaining here. Working mids, your sched doesn’t usually align with the performance times.

My AZ sister and I purchased tickets to Wicked for my niece to go and see when she got back to Chicago this week. She decided to take her Mom (our other sister) and two of her friends. They all had a great time at the matinee on Wednesday. As expected, they loved it. I told them that after I saw Wicked in London, I was sure that they would enjoy it. For both my sister and niece, it was their first Broadway musical. Probably one of the guaranteed hits for anyone to attend with its mass appeal. Not to mention that it is written to fit together with the story from the Wizard of Oz. Hating anything attached to Wizard of Oz would be pretty much Un-American.

The one comment my sister made that cracked me up (because I thought the same thing) was that she was sure that Glinda must have gone to high school at Hinsdale Central! I’m pretty sure she lived in Oak Brook…probably in Ginger Creek. She is like so many of the “rah-rah’s” we knew…you know, the world revolved around them. Okay, so I’m generalizing a bit…but not too much if you went to Old HTH in the 1970’s (and ‘80’s according to my other sister who graduated in ‘88.) Anyway, Glinda truly steals parts of the show.

Then they followed-up the show with a walk to see the Christmas decorations in the windows on State Street. Then off to Harry Carey’s for dinner. I have to say that I’m so envious. I have always loved being in downtown Chicago anytime of the year. It’s not New York or LA or San Fran or Phoenix. Chicago is big enough to hold its own but it skips the attitude of NY or LA. Guess I’m biased being a fourth generation local Chicago-born son. I’ll always be a Chicagoan no matter where I live. I’ve been told that my Midwestern dialect gives me away every time. Guess all I can say to that is, “Da Bears!”
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