Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fabio and George Clooney in My Sister's Kitchen!

Warning: most of the following situation was a figment of my sick, demented and very bored imagination! I need a vacation...

My sister sent her husband out this week to buy a new dishwasher since their old one bought the farm. I tried to convince her to get the Fischer-Pykal with the dual drawers that operate independently. We bought that one when we replaced old Bertha (our old GE dishwasher that was contractor crap) and the Fischer-Pykal is fantastic, the only way to go. But she is looking for something more functional and less pricey.

I asked her what she was going to name it. "What?!" she asked. Well, in our family we name cars, why wouldn't you name your dishwasher?

I told her to tell her husband that she is going to name their new dishwasher Fabio. When he asks you why, you can tell him, "That way I will always have a stud in the kitchen when I need one!"

And you know her friend Rose will appreciate that, unless of course Rose's husband Scott is installing and "adjusting" Fabio for her. Yikes! Talk about things that make you say, hmmmm.

My next email to my sister Deb is asking if Fabio is all installed, adjusted and ready to rock 'n roll? "Not yet. But I still have reservations about calling my dishwasher Fabio. It's just kind of weird."

Oh, come on, no sense of humor whatsoever! With hair like his, I should think he would be the king of "a quick wash and rinse!" What better name can you possibly come up with???? Besides, you certainly don't want to call a dishwasher George Clooney. All he does is just get drunk and give you lip...Just ask Fabio.

You did hear about when Clooney was all sloppy drunk in a restaurant, made a major fool of himself and insulted a bunch of models because some photographers were snapping pics? Old Boy and his ego got all tweaked at the photographers for taking pictures (he thought) of him...only to find out that the photographers were for Fabio and the models doing some Benefit! Ooops!

Fabio had to set old drunk Georgie in his place that night! So now you understand why the only thing in the kitchen worth naming George Clooney might be the garbage disposal since it somewhat resembles that situation. You know...lots of noise, spitting and spewing of half chewed-up food and obscenities at you until Fabio steps in and cleans things up!!!!!

Now when you buy that nice fancy Viking oven, the only name appropriate for a Viking oven would be(no brainer, of course) Emeril! BAM!!!!! (I really kill me sometimes)

But what the heck does one name a microwave then???? Somehow, Old Sparky just doesn't seem fitting. That was the name of her last microwave (may it rest in peace) that her house-sitter fried with the aluminum foil her last trip out of town! Doh!
You gotta know we love you darlin!!! So I want to know where you want to take me on vacation!!!
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