Monday, April 14, 2008

240, 241, Whatever It Takes…

07 April 2008

“Incoming!!! Incoming!!! Incoming!!! Pause…Incoming!!! Incoming!!! Incoming!!!

As is the routine again, we hit the deck and get under the tables. Lance and I had just gotten to the chow hall and sat down when the Big Voice blared the warning. In the background we heard the familiar sound of the ripping sound of the C-Ram’s working to knock out the incoming missiles on their way into Camp Victory.

Funny though, the chow halls are covered with a special Kevlar sheeting over the roof that is made to (and has in a couple of instances) repel incoming rockets or mortars like a sausage bouncing off a trampoline...okay maybe a little protect the people inside from shrapnel from the impact. But the sausage bouncing visual is kind of priceless!

We heard and felt an explosion, but know that the C-Ram’s got at least one or two of the four coming in. And no, the fact that we had a slight sandstorm made no difference. That is usually the time “they” like to launch attacks because the believe it is harder for our blimps with the cameras to locate and follow them...or so they think.

The knuckleheads must have used up this week’s allowance from Uncle Ahmed in Iran because last week it was 240's (mm) and this week it was 120's (mm). Even though Al Sadr has called for a moratorium, it is starting to look like rogue groups are more and more behind the attacks that we’ve been seeing the last few weeks. Embassy and the Green Zone have been taking a beating, although I think Basrah has been getting some slack. It is just us and the other smaller sites that are seeing action now.

Just remember kids; if you hear something flying in overhead that sounds like big bottle rockets, IT AIN’T! Get flat on the ground. We’ve had people get hit by shrapnel because they felt that they needed to see where it was going to impact and only went down on one knee. Good way to add to that metal collection you have in that thick head of yours…or great way to start a new collection of your own. Something to also consider is that you may not always here Mr. Big Voice when the crap starts hitting the fan!
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