Tuesday, April 29, 2008

…And We Had to Walk 5 Miles Uphill Both Ways

29 April 2008

...to school...in the snow...barefoot! Yada, yada, yada. Like Baghdad never, ever had a friggin sandstorm before the American press arrived here to report on it! Sheez!

According to the news about two weeks ago, we had the “worst sandstorm in 100 years!” Have you ever heard so much hooey from such a bunch of dunderheads in all your life?! Okay kids, in case you didn’t notice, this is Baghdad, Iraq. Iraq has lots of sand and gets hot in the summer. Hmmm, let’s see, it’s about as elementary as saying Phoenix gets hot and has sandstorms. We stay a little warmer than Phoenix in the winter and get a little hotter than Phoenix in the summer, but otherwise our climate is very much like Phoenix. Get over it. It isn’t newsworthy, even on a slow news day. It’s weather. Whoopty doo!

What is noteworthy is that the Green Zone and Embassy are still getting slammed with rockets. In case you have any question, they are all supplied compliments of Uncle Ahmed in Tehran...you know, the guy who thinks 9/11 was an inside job! With the way the sandstorm has hung around the last few days, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more stuff in the sky. I’m guessing that the Green Zone makes a bigger impression in the news. Even the insurgents have gone Hollywood. Only out for face-time on the news!

Saturday when I got up at one point I could hardly see 150 feet in front of me. The sand in the air was as dense as fog. Then Sunday morning about 8am, it lifted only to come back during the day by evening again. Maybe the fact that we had less rain this Spring is going to make up for that in sandstorms this summer.

Saturday night, I was walking to work in the dark. Since I was headed north, through the fog of sand, I got a real good view of what I thought was C-ram testing going on at Liberty (which used to be known as North Victory way-back-when.) I saw the red tracers chase one another in a row toward the north-east but then they culminated in a white flash with a serious of boomlets, as usual. I didn’t think anything more of it. Once I got into work, Kevin mentioned to us all that he got to see two incoming into Liberty get shot down. Guess it wasn’t a test.

Toby Keith was performing here two nights ago…that same night at Liberty. One of the guys I work with went to the concert and said that he made mention of the C-ram display. He didn’t seem too fazed by it. He said that he had been in Kandahar (Afghanistan) during a mortar attack during one of his recent concerts there. I guess they paused the concert, took cover till the mortaring was done and continued after the incoming stopped! That is about how life works here. Just a blip on the screen and then carry on where you left off.

He is quite an entertainer and an avid supporter of the troops over here. He has been doing shows in Southwest Asia for the past six years. Now that is a real hero; he and Charlie Daniels Band and all the professional cheerleaders and so many other entertainers (including the Professional Wrestlers) who risk life and limb to come here and perform for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

…Unlike a certain Mr Stallone who said it was “too dangerous” here for him to bring his plastic face and liposuctioned body over to Iraq. Call the whaaa-mbulance for big old Sly. You'd think tough old Rambo would jump at the chance to meet with the soldiers here. Sorry to disappoint you, but he is nothing but a wimp! The cheerleaders (Redskins and Dallas Cheerleaders) got it all OVER him! Hopefully it's no insult them by saying that Sly isn’t even worthy of a Dallas Cheerleader skirt to wear!
You are slipping Dave. I'm caught up since your antartic journeys and you are slowing me down. I'm a fellow bloggster too (Karmel30)and military member. I'm Army though, now Air Force. Its not your fault, forgive yourself. Joking aside, I love your writing. Good stuff.
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