Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nights to Swings

29 October 2008

Hard to believe that October is almost over. I just switched over to swing shift this last week and am still trying to adjust. Since I got back from Kuwait, we've been on six ten hour shifts. Kinda nice actually. A bit more time to relax between the shifts. But the transfer over to shifts has been hell. How do you change your body clock from working mids to swings in 26 hours? You don't...without a somewhat exhausting transition. But I'm there now.

My last mid, I hardly slept. Got woken up by a group of 10 KBR knuckleheads carrying on loudly outside my door about 2pm (that'd be 2am your time). Thirty minutes later, the Big Voice went off warning of incoming, so I found myself on the floor of my trailer for about five minutes until the all clear was given. First mortar in quite some time too. I guess it hit over at Slayer. Finally when I thought I was going to go back to sleep until 5pm, there is a knock on the door for "accountability". I pretty much gave up the idea of sleep at that point.

Been having quite a bit of rain here all this week. Rainy season has started and along with that, all the mud. Still, I've been able to run between the cloudbursts. It has been great to get out and run again. I've been putting in 4 milers about 5 times a week. Maybe I'll finally take off the rest of that weight I put on in Kuwait! With the temps in the 70's and sometimes low 80's, it's been great weather to be out in. The only gripe might be the 90% humidity, but that we can deal with.

Now that I'm working a somewhat normal schedule, it has been unusual dealing with life among the living. Everything is so crowded during the day. Can't go anywhere without lines, people and traffic. Now I know what I haven't been missing. Being around in daylight has also exposed to me all the changes around the base. This place is growing and changing again. Actual electric poles and new lines being strung all over the place. All we need now is a few more sidewalks. Boy, if this is all I got to write about, my life is seriously boring! Good thing vacation is around the corner in a month.
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