Monday, October 06, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I Need To Go Back To Baghdad

06 October 2008

Been here at Camp Arifjan for two weeks now and starting into the third and last week of training. Believe it or not, I’m about ready to go back “home” to Camp Victory already. Not that I’m living in luxury or out of my suitcase or anything, just ready to get back into my routine again.

So here are my top 10 reasons for needing to go back to Baghdad….

Number 10:
The bathroom trailers at Camp Victory are heaven compared with Arifjan’s solar-powered wet “hot boxes” with no A/C.

Number 9:
Because I’ve become a complete “vidiot” and watched more video’s these last two weeks than in the last year at Camp Victory.

Number 8:
I’m getting sentimental about living in a tent again here on Arifjan.

Number 7:
The PX here has just about everything you could ever want.

Number 6:
My bank account is screaming Uncle about now! (see Number 7)

Number 5:
Way too many fast food offerings here.

Number 4:
About 8 lbs since I’ve not been running! (see number 5)

Number 3:
My constant state of over-caffeination due to the Starbuck’s here on base.

Number 2:
The food at Arifjan is missing curry…even the ice cream. How wrong is that?

And the Number 1 reason I need to go back to Baghdad:
My most frequent pleasure as of late has been to go to the Big PX and purchase things I don’t need just to see the 65 year old Indian cashier with the really bad and really tall Elvis look-alike toupee…and challenge myself to keep composed and NOT roflmao! (I am probably going to hell for saying that, aren't I?)
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