Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wall Street's Not Dead Yet....(give it time)

01 October 2008

Wamu...well do we need to say anything more of that beached whale. many more vultures need circle to declare it carrion? Not even dead yet and the preditors are calling dibs on the good parts. Okay, who's next up on the dinner plate for the market to chew up and spit out?

That Congress denied the Bailout shouldn't be too surprising. What is surprising to me is all the Repubs against it. 2/3rds of the party voted against it. Poor Mr. Bush (you remember him, don't you? Seems that the Repub party turned him loose already and conceded his lame duck status) is getting NO love from his counterparts in Congress or anywhere. He is a leper looking for a place to hang till his end. Molokai may be appropriate. Plus the weather is nice in Hawaii this time of year.

I think I've passed the final stage of grieving here and am ready to accept that the Bailout is a necessary thing. I just don't know how much pork needs to be added to this thing to accomplish what it needs to accomplish. I do agree with the Repubs on that. (stop smirking, I told you I've always been an issues-guy/fence sitter) And to some extent, I think we have to let some of this run its' course. The strong and carefully planned companies will rise above this mess they've created. The weaker will go down. Just wondering if after it all shakes out whether the consumer will be better treated or continue to be fleeced with charges.

I'm not as connected to the news as usual as I've been in Kuwait the past couple weeks. Classes are going well, but I definitely see the difference here over being north in Iraq. As I've emailed a couple of friends back home, I'm not used to all the non-activity here in Kuwait. At Victory, every day you have vehicles and soldiers on the road out to run missions, firefights and gunshot in the background and the constant sound of helo's overhead.

I've gotten so that when I'm home (in the States) it is hard to sleep without the sound of helo's nearly strafing their landing gear over the tops of the trailers, they fly so low! You learn to sleep through it. Kuwait is a whole different environment. No sense of urgency or mission like up north. Maybe that's my new problem...must have become an adrenalin junky since I've been here.

With the Eid al-Fitr celebration started and Ramadan over, I wonder for how long the quiet will last. Guess time will tell.
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