Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AIG and other bone-headed industries with their hands out...

11 November 2008

Just to vent some. Don't know if you have heard any of the news today, but AIG is at it again. Of course, the $350,000 was spent probably in Snottsdale, so you guys aren't complaining if you're in AZ! But I gotta tell you, I feel a blog coming on in my bones!!! (or maybe just a "Dave's Rave" coming on!)

This AIG $350,000 weekend outing (after they have already taken how many million from the gov't?) is really pissin' me off! I just told one of my coworkers that I think the only solution to this is to bring back Sarah Palin to administer live on all three major networks and FOX, Monday morning televised bare-bottomed spankings of all the officers and all members of AIG's board of directors. This will be a great warning for anyone else lining up for government cash that they may be chosen for personal public humiliation if they make any greedy bone-headed moves and try to pull any shenanigans in the future!

What really needs to happen is AIG needs to be dissolved and broken up into pieces under a government charter of some sort. You want the govt to bail you out? You become property of the government. Then the government can sell you off at a later date to the highest bidder when the market recovers. If you're going to nationalize all suffering industries, then anyone taking money should realize the possible implications...along with the possible jail time associated with business mismanagement and of course, the public bare-bottomed spankings!

Same with the auto makers. For years the unions have held down the U.S. automakers and kept them from being competitive. In their greed, they demanded more, more, more. Naturally, this prevented the American auto industry from competing with the Japanese and Koreans. Well, time for the unions to give back. Consider it a "loan" or whatever, but it is time for the unions to reach into their pockets and bail out the auto makers. They drove them into the proverbial ditch, so if they want jobs for their members, cough up the cash you greedy morons! Otherwise, Ford, GMC, Chrysler can be left to go the way of Daewoo. Da-who? That's right, that old Korean dinosaur that the South Korean government wouldn't even touch with a ten foot pole that went bankrupt. Just like in the early 80's...if you can't compete in that industry, time to find something you CAN compete in.

Survival of the fittest here, baby. Darwin had to have known that it applies to business too. So there. Could I have said it any clearer?!
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