Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does Life Always Have To Be A "Pisser"?

12 November 2008

One of my coworkers came in two days ago and is ever-so-slightly disgusted with his living situation. Now, life in trailers with no bathrooms can be a pain in the bladder at times, but you deal with the, what feels like a mile, walk to either the nearest porta-pottie or to the bathroom trailers about a 1/4 mile away from the trailer. But there are always those few disgusting slobs who urinate in bottles in their trailers or will just relieve themselves on the side of the trailer. Worse yet are the ones that collect the urine bottles and store them under their beds.

And before you defend their adopted third-country mentality, no, this place is nothing like camping in the forest! The world is not your urinal. Trailers are placed fairly close together and other people have to deal with the smell of your urine as is dries and stinks to high heaven. Let alone waking up at 3am to the sound of your roommate about three feet away from you relieving himself into a bottle.

His description of waking up in the middle of the night to hearing water running and think it was raining inside the trailer only further cements the fact that there are a lot of lazy crap-for-brains people that can only be described as sub-human here. I guess CRC is unable to screen that trait out of the eligible work candidates they send here.

So coworker goes to KBR to complain and request a move. KBR in all their wonderful sensitivity to the biohaz waste being stored in a rubbermaid container by coworker's roommate, stealthely turn the problem back to coworker and tell him to confront the roommate and have him stop or move. That is KBR dealing with issues head-on. All that after the mayor's cell on base has specifically threatened to put people dumping biowaste into the trash cans back into tents if they are caught. Well who the heck (short of Allen Funk and Candid Camera) are going to catch the low-lifes peeing in a bottle. Do you want that burned in YOUR brain. I'll pass.

Well, coworker decides to work it the other way and write a letter to KBR stating the obvious and advising he will take it to the highest levels at our company and the military unit he works for. Problem solved. He has now become a bigger pain in their ass than the roommate pissing in the bottle. Talk about reverse psychology in action! The "KBR Realtor" took him around to several trailers so he has his choice of where he wants to move to...while the Pisser gets to stay in the trailer continuing to stockpile aging bottles of urine under his bed. Am I the only one thinking that something is wrong with this picture?
man that is so true and I have had to deal with many nasty people like that
and to think that I am heading back... There are some things I had forgotten about ~lol~
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