Monday, November 17, 2008

Gettelfinger gives US the Middle-finger

17 November 2008

Ron Gettelfinger Pres of the UAW says his UAW workers have already made too many concessions to the auto industry and won't stand for any more. Well Ron, maybe you had best wake the hell up and realize you are no longer in the driver seat of this situation in an economy disguised as a semi truck careening downhill through the mountains at a precipitous speed.

So far you, your lobbyists and your UAW workers should consider yourselves damned lucky to have retained all of your high salary jobs this long. It's time now for the UAW to ante up. But don't you worry, Big Ronny. If you don't make concessions now, you may not ever need to again because the Big 3 will be done. Done; as in "stick a fork in them" done.

Done, Done, Done.

Then the Japanese, Germans and Koreans can reopen the more profitable American auto factories with their name on them, rehiring your former UAW (now) non-union members producing quality cars with a different name but without a union label. And guess what? They are going to take those jobs for significantly less than their former union salary. I say that because according to unemployment forecasters, the US very well may have an 8-9% unemployment rate by the middle of next year. People are going to take the jobs so they can feed their families and so they can have a normal life again. All thanks to you and your lobbyists, Ron.

As I have suggested before, you have milked the cow dry. So when will you realize that NOW it is time to be part of the solution. Time for the UAW to dig deep into their pockets and help bail out the Big 3. The federal government didn't break the US auto industry, you Ron, broke it. If you and your workers want to retain what you have, you WILL make concessions. If you don't, then you must be willing to accept the consequences. Joe Q Public is not responsible for your boneheaded stubborn attitude or for the UAW not allowing the US auto industry to build vehicles that are competitive in the world market. A quick $25 bil injection isn't going to cure this problem like penicillin to a minor infection.

This problem is far deeper and more serious than that. And Ron, you know it better than anyone else. If you can't be competitive in your markets, time to give it up and do something you can be competitive in.

And Comrade Pelosi, please understand that you can not force the American public to pay for and buy the crap that US autoworkers are putting out when it isn't competitive in a World Marketplace and isn't what the American public wants. We are still a market economy. This IS still the United States of America.

But that could change and we could be forced to buy the American version of Mother Russia's Lada if Comrade Pelosi gets her way. But let's hope that the "lame duck Republican congress" can hold tough against this infringement of free enterprise/free market and NOT give into Pelosi's charms!
You're on the money about Gettlefinger. Reality is hitting the UAW and they are groping for the U.S. Treasury to delay the inevitable. Chapter 11 reorganization is only way to fix the Big Three, and Wagoner and Gettlefinger won't make it through the reorganization.

By the way, I hear that the non-UAW American Auto Manufacturers wisely avoid hiring former UAW members, which helps explain their success.
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