Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arrived in Seoul

05 December 2008

I arrived in Seoul in one piece. Nearly missed my connection in Dubai! We got stuck circling in the air and then the transfer bus got lost on the way to the terminal....Duh!

So I arrived very sleep deprived and hadn't slept in like 24 hours. Good thing I had the chance to recharge in Kuwait those couple of days. Went out to eat and what do you think my first meal here is??? General Tso's Chicken! Forks weren't even on the table. Guess it's good I know how to use chopsticks. It's almost like I came out of the womb with them! (Thanks Jasmine! Jaz was a Chinese/German/American translator friend of ours when I was stationed back in Germany in the 1980's. Our group would cruise the countryside on weekends near
Kalkar/s' Herrenburg/Nijmegen/Emmerich area for Chinese restaurants. She declared that if we were going to make a habit of Chinese Restaurants, we all needed to learn to eat with chopsticks.)

Slept like a babey (an intentional mispelling due to an infiltration of advertisements!) last night, but up early today (it's now 0645 and we're headed out the door) to go on the DMZ tour. More later...
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