Saturday, February 28, 2009

August 2010

I guess it is almost like getting marching orders. Now all we wait for are the details. After having contracted here since January of 2004, it is a bit surreal to have a date attached to the words, “end of contract.”

As I said, we have no specifics. We could be relocated to work this job from another location for all I know. Now we just wait to find out what the firm date means to us. Am I done with contracting? I hope not. I kind of like the flexibility and the opportunities this has allowed me. Once you get to traveling the world, it kind of gets in your blood. I can’t even guess if forced to settle down in a 8-5, how I’d fair!

We had a saying in Antarctica…The first time you go down for the adventure. The second contract, you go down for the cash. The third and subsequent contracts you go down because you don’t fit in anywhere else! I hope it’s not true…although I’ve been told that I’m a freak before. :p

I’ve mentioned before that it has become much quieter here in the last year or so. I think there is still resistance, especially to the patrols that are still out humping in the streets and cities. But as far as the base goes, things are quieter here in Iraq. Looks like all the evil talent with any skill has gone east to Afghanistan to keep their terrorism skills sharpened. Doesn’t mean there aren’t bad guys here, just fewer of them.

The recent elections seemed to indicate that as well. No violence during the elections and better overall participation from the population.
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